Wild Women Film Collective
Because every woman has a story.

Work With Us

The Wild Women Film Collective is seeking qualified, awesome humans to work with. Take a look at our open volunteer positions and submit your application.

Work With Us

Hello! We are a great team of highly talented women who volunteer our time to make the Wild Women Film Collective a reality. Do you have amazing talent you want to contribute? We need folks to commit ONE YEAR to any of the following positions. Commitments are a minimum of 2 hours a week on average. We ask that you do not commit to these positions and then “disappear” or back out unless you have extenuating circumstances as we rely on your help and expertise for this year’s festival to succeed!


Open Volunteer Positions

Volunteer Coordinator

Role: To recruit and project manage new volunteers as needed.

Responsibilities: Post in skydiving or extreme sports circuits requesting specific volunteers. Keep in communication with updates on their project assignments. Clarify volunteer roles and responsibilities when needed. Negotiate and navigate concerns as needed. Stay in direct, regular communication with project manager.

Required experience: Volunteer management experience or something equally similar.

Sponsor Wrangler

Role: To capture professional sponsorships from businesses and organizations in the sport

Responsibilities: Recruit sponsors. Coordinate and plan what role/gifts/marketing the sponsor will GIVE. Coordinate and plan what marketing the sponsor will get. Work with PR and Technology volunteers on promoting our sponsors. Liaise between sponsors and WWFC leadership team.

Required Experience: Demonstrated experience in marketing, sponsorship development, or public relations. Current relationships with potential sponsors in the sport of skydiving. Skydiving experience.

CPA/Tax Law Advisor

Role: Be our CPA/Tax Lawyer (1-2 roles)

Responsibilities: Determine what kind of entity we should be or if we can connect with a different entity. Determine how we can collect money to use for the event without paying taxes (non-profit type, but non-org). Advise us on tax issues.

Required Experience: CPA license and recent experience with Colorado tax law and/or legal license and experience with small business/non-profits, fiscal agents.


Role: Help us raise a small amount of funds for our annual event to cover the cost of prizes.  

Responsibilities: Work closely with event planner on what funds we need for the event. Create and manage crowdfunding as necessary. Work closely with PR volunteer to use social media. Work closely with sponsor go-getter to find additional sources to cover costs/in-kind needs.

Experience Required: Previously demonstrated success in fundraising.

Social Media Specialist

Role: Keep up with our social media pages and create regular posts and get people excited.

Responsibilities: Work closely with our Director of PR for social media strategy. Keep up Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram at least twice a week.

Experience Required: Solid knowledge and understanding of social media and marketing with demonstrated experience.