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Because every woman has a story.


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Start Skydiving!

Middletown, OH

Video edit by our very own Halle McConnell!

Moms in Skydiving

Welcome our very first video submission from Sophee Hillyard. 

Sophee sets an amazing example of the types of videos we are looking for to tell short stories of overcoming challenges.  Submit your video idea here!

Fly Like a Girl

Alain Rochet is one of our editing resources-this is some of his work.  You can find him on our editing resources page.


Away from the Spotlight: Sisters in skydiving

Cool story created by FOX Detroit News Channel in 2018


Chazi Blacksher

Here’s the full video Chazi Blacksher from Skydive Arizona. After many years of skydiving, she finally took the leap and quit her day job to be a professional skydiver. Chazi overcame many personal challenges and along the way inspired and supported hundreds of women. Because of this, she’s become a connection for many women in skydiving. She was a founder of Sisters in Skydiving (SiS) and is an incredible mentor and coach.