Wild Women Film Collective
Because every woman has a story.
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Step-by-step submission information for the Wild Women Film Collective is outlined here. If you plan to enter, you can notify us of your intent to submit!


Share your story. Inspire the World.

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Submissions for the Wild Women Film Collective must complete legal documents required for making a documentary in order to protect the interests of everyone involved. Please go to Desktop Documentaries where you can find these documents for $35. You are required to submit applicable legal forms with your final video submission.

Steps to Submit

1. Fill out the form below to notify us of your plans. Intent to submit links you to private articles, coaching and opportunities to showcase your filmmaking journey on our website, Facebook and Instagram pages.

2. Grab your legal documents on Desktop Documentaries.

3. Create your plan, build a team if you’d like, and make your video! Don't forget to use our Resource Team and the great information on our Blog!

4. Submit your video online by July 31st, 2019 (link to come).

Notify us of your intent to submit!

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Let us see your previous work if you have any! Link to your past videos here.
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