Wild Women Film Collective
Because every woman has a story.

Story Line Development

Our story line development resources can help you create your story and find your voice for your WWFC film festival entry.

StoryLine Development and Film planning

Have an idea for a story but don't know how to put it together in an inspiring way? These volunteers will help you think it through and make your story inspiring and empowering in under 5 minutes of film! Sound like a miracle? Nope, these gals and guys know what they are doing!


Carolina Paredes

Hi! I’m Carolina (care-o-leena) Paredes from Skydive Tennesee. Having had many years of experience with therapy and writing as therapy I have been able to help others express themselves in writing in order to be able to bring their story to life through words. I have been writing to express myself since I first held a pencil and later pen to paper. I can help someone articulate and bring out what is inside their mind and heart into words and onto paper. We all have stories that are important to be seen and heard. Contact me to help you work through your favorite storyline and brainstorm ideas for capturing images that express captivating emotion for your story.

You can reach me at: carolina.paredes11 (at) gmail (dot) com


Halle McConnell

Hi! My name is Halle McConnell, and I'm from Columbus, Ohio. I am a social worker, so I love helping people, which is why the opportunity to be an editing coach is super exciting to me. This offers me the chance to combine my passions: helping others, making videos, and of course skydiving. I got into skydiving while in college at OSU, where I was in a student organization focused on making short films. I am so proud to be a part of this project and to be able advocate for women in this amazing sport. I can help you with your storyline theme and making a plan to put your video together in a cohesive way with the right shots. 

You can reach me at:  hallerebecca27 (at) gmail (dot) com


Chazi Blacksher

Hi, I am Chazi Blacksher From Skydive Arizona! Fun jumper for 17 years, competitor for 9, I have close to 5,000 skydives and love to freefly. My day-job ceased to exist this year and I’m excited to start a new chapter as a professional skydiver! I have load organized across the United States, competed for fun and at USPA Nationals in VFS, Freefly and Freestyle, and have World Records for Vertical and Upright Largest Formation in both the Women's and General categories. I’m great at finding the nugget of your story. If you have an idea but are not clear how to make it a simple yet moving story, I’ll help!

You can reach me at: chazi.blacksher (at) gmail (dot) com


Beth York

Hi! I am Beth York from Skydive New England. I made my first skydive in 1997 and spent a number of years competing in four-way before diving into big ways. I bring more than 20 years of television, storytelling and video production experience to the project. Thriving in live, high pressure environments, I have directed and produced more than 150 live-event multi-camera productions. My expertise and creative execution has earned multiple Emmy Awards, along with numerous nominations as Director, from the National Association of Television Arts & Sciences Boston/New England Chapter. I'm super excited and passionate about this project and would love to help you with storyline and film development!

You can reach me at: bethlahryork (at) gmail (dot) com


Hélène Bécourt

Hi! I am Hélène Bécourt from Parachute Montreal! I started working as a production assistant in Paris in 2010 for a motion capture company. Then got promoted to VFX Line Producer at Cinesite after 3 years as a VFX Coordinator on independent films and blockbusters. After a few years in the Line Producer role, I moved up to Associate Producer / Digital Producer at Moving Picture Company, one of the largest visual effects companies in the world. I can help you flesh out your storyline to make sure it is moving and inspirational! I can also help with production timelines and steps. Take a look at the movies I have worked on at my IMDB page.

You can reach me at: hbecourt (at) hotmail (dot) com


Kellie Infante

Hi, I’m Kellie Infante from Skydive Perris! I am a graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts Undergrad film program. My concentrations were Producing and Cinematography, and I have been actively working as a Production Coordinator and APOC on many Television Shows for over 10 years. I have also worked as a Producer, Director and 1st AD for many other projects. I can help you create your storyline and put together a plan for your film!

You can reach me at: kellie.infante (at) gmail (dot) com