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Music and Legal

Music and Legal Responsibilities

Music Use Rule Sheet

Due to copyright laws, we ask all participants to acquire permission to use an artists music.  Please obtain permission by using forms available through the website below or gather your music from paid or free websites that provide clear permission.

Remixes of songs do not count as “your own” music! The music MUST be original from the artist!

If you are using music from a friend or someone you know, below is a link for a downloadable contract.  Please have them sign it and attach to your submission and include any relevant websites.

In the credits of your film, please give proper credit to the artist(s). For example:

    Music: Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin

        This Is The Life by Two Door Cinema Club

If you use a song without getting the proper permission and credit to the artist, we will NOT be able to use your film!

Please reach out to me with any questions regarding the use of music in your film.  We are all artists here and we want to be respectful of everyone’s art.


Free music websites to check out




Contract for permission to use music