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WWFC On Hold

Dear friends, followers and participants:

The WWFC project is going to be on hold until additional resources can be acquired.  Our team has discovered that the amount of time and energy required to make this project a success is way over our heads.  We were hoping that it would naturally attract people who want to showcase their work or make a video story about great women, but this has not been as natural a process as once hoped.

To lift this project off the ground, we need at least three people working 10-20 hours each to recruit video entries, market, fundraise and develop our own high quality content.  Financially, we also require at least $20,000+ to help make our own films for marketing and high quality content.  

None of our team members, who love this project, have the time or resources to make this happen.

If you have the time or resources, or know someone who does, we would love to talk with you.  This is an amazing project that is just on the edge of success and just needs the right “push” and on going support.

Thank you for being amazing and we hope to be back online in the future!



Grace DoboszComment
Essential Elements of Making a Short Film
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How do I make a documentary?

Good Question.

photo credit: Shutterstock

Excited about making a storytelling film but don’t know where to start?

Here are some quick tips

By Grace Dobosz, Production Manager

The story.   

What story do you want to tell? You need to develop your story with a clear beginning, middle and end, as well as a challenge that has been overcome that will lead to inspiration of others who watch your film. How can you develop your story?

The Content. 

What content do you need to tell your story? Telling a story isn't just about interviews and action shots. It also needs B-Roll. What is B-Roll? B-Roll is those extra, seemingly boring, clips and edits that help you bring a breadth of emotion to the story. These often forgotten clips can be the essential inspirational building blocks of your story. Here is an awesome, deprecating videographer’s take on B-Roll:

The Videography. 

Ok so the guy in the video above has amazing equipment and you have...well...just a smart phone. Can you make a short film documentary? The answer is an astounding, yes! Check this out: 

Also check out this related article on smartphone videography and our upcoming blog on microphone usage for interviews.

The Post Production.

Post production basically means "editing". You'll either love it or hate it. My best advice? Find someone who loves it because if you don't love it, you'll suffer and procrastinate until it's too late and produce a non-competitive product. Looking to add a post production team member? There are two kinds of post production friends: those with professional experience and those without. Among those without, make sure they have a lot of play time with Adobe Pro or Final Cut Pro X, these are the editing software programs that are pricey but allow one to make very professional post edits. But if you are lucky enough to have professional friends, beg them to help you out! After all, it's only a 5 minute short!

Want to know more about how to put together and editing plan and team? Contact our editing specialists on our Editing Resources page!

The Team and Timeline.

Overwhelmed yet? Don't be! Making a video is fun after all! There IS a lot of work to be done, but it can be a great time with friends. #1 advice? Don't try to do everything yourself, especially if you are new to filmmaking. Grab a team of friends--someone to refine the story, someone to edit/post, someone to film/design content and someone to direct/produce. Reach out to your community, you'll be surprised the depth of experience people have to offer and how much they want to play with video (yes there are people you actually LOVE to do post, so don't worry! :) Don't forget, you will need a timeline for completion.  WWFC gives you 10 months from Oct to August to complete your project and you will need it! Don't try to jam it in the last 30 days!

Don't Forget The Legal.

Remember that you can get in big legal trouble for using others' content and for sharing video or music that you do not have permission to use. Check out our Music and Legal Responsibilities page for more information and how to cover yourself and protect all interested parties. For example-here is a must read on the legal use of interviews.