Wild Women Film Collective
Because every woman has a story.

Submission Guidelines

Our film festival submission guidelines are outlined here. Read more about eligibility requirements, competitive requirements, and recommendations.

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Submission Guidelines

Share your story. Inspire the world.

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Eligibility Requirements

To have your video posted for viewing, you must meet the following requirements.  We will be watching and approving videos before they are posted publicly. 

  1. The film must be about women The film must be about women overcoming the challenges of extreme sports.  Extreme sports are defined as sports involving significant risk to life.

  2. Must tell a story with a clear beginning, middle, and end.

  3. Can be produced and edited by anyone, regardless of gender identity.

  4. Must include music rights (see Music and Legal Responsibilities page)

  5. Must include credits of the people involved.

  6. Must be your own production. You cannot steal other people's work or music.

  7. You MUST submit the relevant legal paperwork to CYA for your documentary. You can purchase this paperwork here at Desktop Documentaries for $35, where you can also take classes on storytelling and filming! See our Music and Legal Responsibilities page for more information.

Competitve requirments

To be competitive for the film contest, you must meet the following qualities: creative, inspirational and high quality editing/videography. All submissions selected for public posting will have an opportunity to collect votes. The highest votes will determine the top 10 finalists. All finalists will receive a prize. There will be one grand prize winner in each of the following categories:

  1. Most creative

  2. Most inspirational

  3. Overall best video embodying the most creative, inspirational, and best overall quality.

Competitive Recommendations

While not REQUIRED to win, it is highly recommended to meet the following qualities in order to be competitive:

  1. High video quality (HD/1080) with stabilization.

  2. Editing and post production should be done by someone with editing experience.

  3. You should have a post production plan--capture B roll, know what video goes at what of the story, know what EMOTION you are trying to share and express that through imagery (B-roll helps this).

  4. Have a title/purpose--reflect a challenge and how it was overcome.

  5. Make it less than 5 minutes--attention spans are short these days, especially with so many other videos demanding their attention.