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Editing, Equipment, and Content

Our editing, equipment, and content support resources can help you put together an amazing video with their years of experience in the media and extreme sports.

Editing, Equipment, and Content Support

If you need support with editing, equipment or content advice, these are the folks to contact. With years of multimedia experience and connections in extreme sports, our resource volunteers will get you pointed in the right direction for an amazing video.


Shane Hillyard

Hi! I'm Shane Hillyard, aka “Croshane," from Skydive Milwaukee! I am a photographer, filmmaker, and media creator. My passion stems from a deep love of everything visual. I create with a deep understanding and produce high quality content. I’m a film school graduate where I learned everything I know. I’ve created over 1k videos over the years so I know the process pretty well. When it gets hard and frustrating I bring a great attitude with a huge smile. It makes any problem doable and fun at the same time. I’m here if you have any camera/ editing questions or uploading problems. I’m your guy. The most important thing is have fun! You can view my work on my Vimeo page and on Instagram.

You can reach me at:  shane.hillyard (at) gmail (dot) com


Alain Rochet

Hi!  I’m Alain Rochet from Skydive Puerto Rico! I am a cinematographer, video editor, creative director and founder of Piti Pua Productions, a video production company with over 10 years of professional experience with world renowned companies. Even though I love working on corporate, film, commercials, documentaries, and music videos, I’m immensely passionate about everything involving extreme sports and adventure projects. I can help you with editing, collecting the right b-roll, and using the right equipment. You can see my work on my production company's website

You can reach me at: alain (at) pitipuaproductions (dot) com


Lika Borzova

Hi! I am Lika Borzova from Skydive Voss in Norway! I've been skydiving since 2000, and flying tunnel since 2012. I have also been base jumping from 2002 till 2013, but that is in the past now and not gonna happen again. :) I have 5+ years experience working as a cameraperson for different TV-companies and projects. That includes a couple of years filming for MTV: from news show reports, to livestreams of big scale shows and concerts. I have been making boogie and event day tapes for a few years, starting in 2012. I can help you with questions on camera usage and how to capture the right shot! Most of my videos can be found on my Vimeo channel.


Gen Montreuil

Hi! I’m Gen Montreuil from Skydive Arizona! I am a double major with honors at Arizona State University. Intermedia, which is video, animation, 3D Immersive environments, and photography. I work at Skydive Arizona as a tandem videographer. I’m fluent in the Adobe Suites and use a Canon t7i Digital Rebel for both stills and video, and a Hero 4. I also have experience with Sony video cameras. I am a multi-disciplinary artist who produces ethnographic images, 3D virtual installations, and video focusing on skydiving, and the culture within the sport. Much of my work discusses the validity of skydiving as an actual sport, as well as highlighting the challenges, often from a women’s perspective. Take a look at my work on my Vimeo channel.

You can reach me at: flyinchicken (at) mac (dot) com


Mark 'Trunk' Kirschenbaum

Hi! I’m Mark 'Trunk' Kirschenbaum from Skydive Arizona! I started a business in skydiving camera equipment called Hypoxic to help extreme sports athletes take the perfect picture -- and grab the very awesomest video. Hypoxic innovates rugged, high-technology gear that meets the exacting image-capture challenges we face in skydiving, at BASE exits, on paragliding launches, and anywhere else that footage can get gnarly. I am a great resource for questions about mounting equipment, getting safe shots or for getting the right camera gear. I am also a camera flyer and photographer, so I can help answer questions about how to get the shots you are looking for. See our gear and my work on the Hypoxic website.

You can contact me at: trunk (at) gethypoxic (dot) com


AJ Johnson

Hi! I’m AJ Johnson from Skydive Chicago! I am the Director of Marketing and Events for Skydive Chicago as well as the chief videographer and editor of Vertical Dreams, a four-part web series chronicling the journeys of six 2018 Vertical World Record hopefuls. I am an enthusiast for both digital presentation and skydiving. Contact me for getting acquainted with editing and design in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Final Cut, or if you just need feedback on works in progress. See my Vertical Dreams series on YouTube

You can reach me at: aj (at) skydivechicago (dot) com

David Cherry and David Wybenga of D-Squared


D-Squared is a skydiving photography and videography team composed of David Cherry and David Wybenga based out of Skydive Arizona in Eloy. We aim to provide the highest quality coverage of skydiving events through visual media. Our experience ranges across the entire spectrum of camera flying; from tandem videos to team videography, big-ways, boogie/event photos and video edits, all the way to records and officially covering USPA Nationals for multiple years. We love the idea of the Wild Women Film Collective and being a resource to everyone in our amazing sport! There is a lot to learn, but can also be confusing or frustrating without some real guidance. D-Squared is here to help in any way possible, whether it is basic camera questions, gear choices, creating a narrative, editing or even navigating the path to becoming a professional skydive videographer.

You can reach us on Facebook (@dsquaredskydiving) or send and email to info@dsquaredskydiving.com.